5 common sexual fantasies men have

It is a fact that everyone has sexual fantasies. Our mind drifts to gutties at times. Never should you be ashamed of your sexual fantasies; it is just completely normal. Men love sexual fantasies, and most of them are not likely to give up on them. However, it is difficult for most of them to express their desires because of fear about the outcome. Relax, it is normal, do not sweat too much; boys will be boys. Here are some five common sexual fantasies men have.


Yep, let's say men like to take charge; sometimes, these opportunities are limited in the real world. Having total control over your partner is sexual stimulation, can be quite arousing. Domination can be done through bondage, spanking, dirty chat, receiving oral sex, as well as other forms of sex.

Watching from the side

Most men are fascinated by watching women pleasure women. Voyeurism tops the list of men's sexual fantasies. Combining it with other fantasies like watching your better half having sex with another partner, masturbating to an organism or trying to discover other people's flagrant delicto. Most common modern sexual fantasies among men originate from watching porn. However, it is often challenging as it leads to isolation. They tend by themselves without sharing them with their partners or trying to act on them.

Sex with older women

Most men have sex with older women; older women are likely to know their bodies well, leading to incredible sex. At the same time, older women or experienced women tend to know a man's body better, having gained more experience over the years. Most men are attracted to them because of no pressure to get married or get into a relationship. Casual, for sex and fun. Older women see the big picture. They are more likely to appreciate a man's body than young ladies. They handle situations more maturely, unlike young ladies full of drama and standoffs. Lastly, experienced women have money and own homes. Guys fantasise about dining in upscale neighbourhoods. It usually fantasies based on sex and luxury with no strings attached.

Virginal women

That first time experience is always iconic. And because it has to happen only once and once, it is a valuable experience. Virgins are the centre of most men's fantasies. Most men fantasise about being the first to break a woman and taking or breaking virginity and teaching her about sex. It puts them in a position of power. The idea of playing both roles ( breaking virginity and teaching her about sex ) is beautiful and crucial in the men sex fantasies. When fantasising about the first time, men also see themselves as teachers to virgins. They are turned on by the feeling of wanting a student who loves them.


It can be better with more than one woman; two is any answer. Most men fantasise about having sex with two or more women. However, most of them lack a practical reason why they would love to have a threesome. It is even more challenging how to ask their lovers to engage in this practice.

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