5 most common sexual fantasies women have

Women fantasise about several things; driving a fancy car, a fancy vacation, getting promoted to the office corner and so on. Fantasies about these can be fun because, one day, they are likely to come true. However, nobody should take your sexual fantasies literally.

As we are not likely to do our sexual fantasies. They can only offer a portal into our non-sexual emotions that we try to recon in our lives. It is most likely that fantasies can be troublesome in our lives. For instance, having sex with a stranger besides your spouse. They are powerful but remain just fantasy. Below are five common sexual fantasies women have


Studies show that about 65% of women fantasise about being dominated (or dominating). Being dominated means one partner relinquishes all sense of control in sex. It is commonly known as BDSM. The submissive partner submits to the other person touching them but gives her permission to be wild and orgasmic in response. Being dominated does not imply that you are weak or your husband is superior to you. This kind of fantasy may reignite our desire to gain or relinquish power regarding our private activities, including work and roles in the community. It creates sensorial arousal.


89% of American women questioned in a survey admitted to fantasising about having a threesome. About a third of those interviews ideally fantasise about a threesome where one of the people is their partner. Most women fantasise about having a threesome because it made them a centre of attention and desired by many people. They want to feel valued as an individual worth of importance, not by just one individual but by a large group. That is why 57 per cent of women have sex with more than 3 people at a time.

Sex with other women

Similarly, studies have shown that most women fantasise about having sex with other females. It doesn’t, however, imply that if you have been a lesbian, you would suddenly change into guys. The focus of women on women sex is oral and clitoral stimulation which is how women reach orgasm. They psychologically think that only women understand their bodies better. It can be seen as a way to express more freedom and choice with sex. Women are longing to break from social obligations placed by gender restrictions. It is seen as liberation.

Sex in public

Think of sex as a guest at somebody's house, imagine being caught in action, how it makes you even feel hotter .yes, about 60% of women fantasise about trying sex in public. It creates a sense of liberation and empowerment just to have people watching you and excite them with your performance and sexual arousal. It is just a fantasy; it doesn't necessarily mean you are an exhibitionist streak. Stories are here to create an imaginary situation without real-world complications ike being judged, hurting someone, jealous or even getting arrested.

Sex with a stranger

You dream about having sex with unknown persons or someone you have not met before. Well, about half of women fantasise about having sex with strangers. The strange fantasy allows women to avoid issues like being attached, intimacy or jealousy. It creates a feeling of trying to detach something that has nothing to do with their relationship.

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