How to have a successful threesome

The meaning of threesome is probably more straightforward than you might have thought. It simply implicates sex between three people. This kind of sex involves participants of any gender. There are cases where all three participants are single. However, in some instances, it involves a couple and another person. If you are interested in having a threesome, check out the following essential tips to make it successful.

Have a clear intention

Take your time to figure out what you desire while used to experience, especially for beginners. Is it a fantasy you have been dreaming about? Or are you trying to explore your sexuality?

Maybe it is something you are missing in your current sex life. Having a clear picture of what you need will help you navigate the world of a threesome.

Sit with your partner.

Telling your partner that you need a threesome can be intimidating can lead to unnecessary jealousy. Do not give up; stay, put and try to explain to your spouse why it is essential to you. Never use a threesome as bondage to distract you from an existing relationship issue. For a fact adding someone into your sex life, likely to complicate communication and sexual issues with your soulmate. Your partner must make decisions by somebody themselves. Don’t try to push them to accept your proposal. If they respect, be honest and have a mature conversation about possibilities.

Find a perfect third participant.

Once you have an agreement with your partner, open discussion on potential lovers to introduce into your lives, maybe you have an attractive stranger on a matching platform or a crush or best friend. What is important at this stage, you have chemistry with the third person. The next step should be approaching the person and making a request. Let your invitation VM be fun and casual but straight, direct to the point.

Ground rules and boundaries.

You are almost there; the next step should be sitting down three of you to write down ground rules. Have an agreement on the sex acts you all are comfortable with. Both perform and receive some partners might not be comfortable with kissing, penetration, oral sex and BDSM. Have consent before beginning any sexual activity. It’s key to practice safe sex. Avoiding getting pregnant and sexually transmitted infections. ( STIs). We advise our readers to use condoms, gloves or dental claims. Regular testing might be of great help. After agreeing on ground rules, establish the venue; it can be a sleepover or a daytime event.

Don’t be shy; get in !

Have an amazing experience by creating a threesome mood. Be comfortable with each other by dirty sex, talking and flirting. Have an unforgettable sexual encounter by trying new styles and positions until you find one right for both of you.

Consider introducing sex toys to increase satisfaction. Suitable sex toys add excitement and arousal, ensuring everyone reaches climax. Ensure you clean the sex toys before sharing them. Most importantly, if at any point you are feeling uncomfortable, stop the sexual encounter immediately.


After a threesome encounter, you must talk to your partner. Find out if they had an amazing meeting once alone with your partner, be honest about the whole encounter, seek his opinion whether to make it a regular thing or it was just a one-time thing.

Bottom line

With the right sexual partners, clear boundaries and communication threesome is an excellent way to explore your sexuality. It can recreate the connection with your partner, at the same time creating new memories !!!

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