What do men find attractive in women

What do men find attractive in women

Oftenly, people say, "beauty is in the skin deep." All in all, nobody got the guts to deny facts about the first impression. Impression plays a crucial role in what men do find attractive in women. Studies carried out in recent years on the topic brought to light insights about what men find attractive. In fact, sometimes getting attracted to someone might not even be intentional. There are unexpected features that can attract a man towards a lady. Without guessing, let's check them.

Sense of humor

In different people's opinion, sense of humour is amongst what men like in ladies. According to research and studies, women and women have diverse preferences and choices once it comes to humor. For ladies, those men who are appreciative and funny are considered a perfect patch. On the other hand for men, a lady does not have to be funny.

Risk-Taking Behaviour

A man might find it attractive when a lady is ready and willing to accompany him and have fun during trips together, er. The activities they can consider engaging together include skiing, mountain climbing or any other outdoor activity. Even if one does not know how to engage in these activities, many men love teaching their women doing these things ( you have to be confident to take a risk!).


While a man feels appreciated when a woman depends on them for specific needs, studies show that a man finds attractive women who are self-supportive, independent, and not needy. They would like you to request their help, but being too needy can turn them off. Men also get attracted to women who can make their own sound decisions and control their insecurities and fears without asking for too much support.

Responsibility And Kindness

A good personality matters a lot. Men do not like rude women and ladies who are straightforward aimlessly. Instead, a man will find caring and kind women attractive. Their men as well appreciate women who know how to handle situations smoothly. These two character traits are crucial because a kind woman gives a man confidence. Responsibility as well shows that women can be helping and supportive in life situations.

Mature Appearance

It is worrying and annoying when one sees grey hair that is popping out of one’s head. According to studies, you might think you look older… surprisingly, according to studies, men like mature-looking women. Men born of older mothers are likely to opt for a bit older and mature woman for long-term relationships. However, it may not be the same with a short-term relationship in which a young partner is more often the ideal pick.

Pretty Hair

Nobody can deny that hair is amongst the physical characteristics that men find more attractive in their women. In some cases, hair is amongst the first things men notice in women, especially if it is shiny, long, and healthy. However, a survey was carried out on ladies where 72% of the participants responded that they least expect their potentials to notice and consider their hair! Another feature to consider is that men can be turned off by hair that has got too many products, greasy, or died in unnatural colors.

Red Clothes or Lips

Red is men's weakness! It may sound strange, but many men like the color red. Red is associated with desire, love, passion, and heat. People do think Men like the color since it gets them aroused. It has been proven otherwise by studies. It isn’t about arousal. Instead, men simply like the color. They rarely ignore women wearing red – it is very attention-grabbing!

The Motherhood Instinct

Many women have motherhood instincts. They are usually drawn naturally to taking care of children and playing with them. Love is practically built in a woman's brain. A woman will more often find it easy and irresistible to take care of babies compared to men.

Because a man finds attractive things that signal them and assures them of healthy mothers for their child, the maternal behavior is appealing to many men.

So, women, the mystery is already unfolded for you. What does a man find attractive in a woman? All the things that remind him of how caring, beautiful and different she is from the rest. So if it is all about taking chances, you can adopt the tips and watch the magic you will bring to this world.

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