What do women find attractive in men?

What do women find attractive in men?

One might get surprised when they get to know confidence doesn't carry the day just by itself. As a man, you can hawell-fashioned you like without the "bad boy look" or even being manipulative. Here is what women find attractive:

The Way Men Dress

Women often do find well-fashioned and stylish men attractive. One's touch of fashion can go a long way in impressing either positively or in a wrong way. It is an understatement if one says that women care about style and fashion; some are obsessed with fashion! The right choice of color and material for a man while choosing what to wear can elevate the man's attractiveness.

How A Man Grooms

Groom is a clear reflection of one's pride. Grooming is compounded by one's shaving, the cologne they wear, investment in skincare, and brushing teeth. A well-groomed man is always attractive to ladies. With proper hygiene and practices, one slowly starts elevating more than just their attractiveness. You’ll start feeling confident and more interested in the respect women give back to you. It’s been said a woman loves a good set of hair too, but I want to remind you of one thing here. There are plenty of women who find bald men attractive. As a man, you can groom how you wish. You just have to put in efforts first.

A Man's Hobbies

Women find attractive men who have things that they love doing during their free time. Being passionate about doing something is healthy compared to just sitting in the house all day on a coach. Having hobbies as a man opens doors and avenues through which women can join you and participate, even if it is just cheating you on. Human beings desire to have a sense of adventurous purpose. Having hobbies keeps relationships alive and exciting. You better have one as a man.

A Man's Relationship with Female Friends, Mom

More often, women feel like love can be reciprocated. They find men who love and respect other women and their mothers to be more attractive than those who don't. What a woman finds attractive is not just how good a relationship with the people he meets daily is. Women looking for one crucial thing: Do you respect women? And you treat them. Are you patient, calm, and kind around erratic and rude women, or you can’t honestly withstand it? Or you get stressed out quickly and loses self-control instead? A man who treats ladies with minimal or no respect, other ladies will notice it. They will then start wondering if that is the same way you will treat them in the future. It is quite a turn-off.

A Man With a Plan

As a man, if you tell her that you will do something, declare commitments or promises, do you stay true to your word? Women do find attractive, organized men who have plans. This does not mean you have to carry with you a daily planner all along. It means at least you got goals that you are working towards achieving. Women do not like men who promise and back out of the deal due to fear, poor planning, or embarrassment. Hence they might not find them to be attractive.

Sense of Humor

Being funny is one thing. Being a clown is another. One should be comfortable with themselves enough to joke but avoid it at other people's expense. An excellent and humorous laugh goes a long way in making people feel good about themselves. A woman will find a man who expresses himself in small ways more attractive. Don't be afraid to act silly or goofy.

Eye Contact

It holds more than just looking her in the eye while talking. The peculiar glance that a man sends the way makes her feel like "wow." Eye contact is a form of body language which is very crucial in conversations and communication. Sometimes, looking each other in the eye communicates more than just words. While talking to a lady, one has to maintain eye contact with the woman. It is a clear indicator that one is an active listener and paying attention. Women love it.


In as much as it might not be the case for all women, some women find tall men more attractive. This is commonly associated and referenced to high school's relationships in which women hit the growth spur earlier than men. Generally to say “dark, tall and handsome,” women find them attractive, hence hanging around with them.

In life, meeting people means a lot. What you like might barely mean anything to the other person. But with attractiveness, more things tend to be exact. The tips above can help a man up their game and out.

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